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B i o g r a p h y


Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Doug and I play music.  I do a lot of solo acoustic shows at small clubs, restaurants, and winebars.  You'll hear a wide variety of stuff at these shows ranging from Johnny Cash and the Beatles to Zac Brown and Coldplay. Sometimes I'll invite a friend to play along - I often play with the amazing Wes Cichosz (guitar, saxophone, vox) or my percussionist friend, the amazing Kyle Olson (percussion, vox).

Other friends that join me:

Chris Siebold

Anthony Calderisi

Tom Allen

I play bass with the Lisa Rene Band, one of the Chicago area's finest event bands - weddings, corporate gigs.  We also do an occasional bar gig and festival.  Check us out at


I also play with a band called Bandaroke (; we do "live band karaoke".  We have a pretty significant songlist - come check us out and you'll get to come up and sing or play or both with the band.  


Other bands I play with:

The Powwows

The Tonedeafs

The Broken Halos

Finally, I lead worship just about every Sunday at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst Illinois; the contemporary service is usually at 10:30; we switch to 10:00 for part of the summer; be sure to check the website for times.  It's a great church, check it out some time.

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